Friday, October 29, 2004

Queer Eye for the Workplace Guy

It isn't enough that metrosexuals have taken over TV.. no. They have moved into workplace management fad.

(I'm glad that I'm out of organizational theory classes because I'm so sure this would come up in how to manage people)

Workplace Moves to Metrosexual Mode offers advice to men on how to succeed by adopting feminine traits of concensus building, good posture, and other 'soft skills.' This prompted one consultant to write a paper called "The Feminization of Men."

Oh lord in heaven! What has happened? What have we done to frighten away all the men? What have we done to bring down the idea of masculinity?

The author of the study now says that the glass ceiling is back because metrosexuals are vaulting past women for top jobs by adopting feminine traits.. and that women were given 20 years of bad advice. You know 'be like a man in the workplace. Don't care, work all the time, climb over everyone. It doesn't matter' schtick. It doesn't matter what women do, it will always be the fault of men.

(Side note: I saw a bumper sticker that said "Be a Patriarch" yesterday)