Sunday, October 31, 2004

Post-Halloween Wrap Up

I had about 20 trick or treaters, the most I've had since my mom passed away and I took over handing out the candy.

Nate had the teenage hookers in training, I had the "If you were any cuter, I would cry" kids... and the "Why the heck are you out? You aren't even dressed up. You are too old to be doing this. Get off my lawn" group.

There was this little boy being carried by dad in a bee costume sucking on his thumb. They asked me to hold the bag of pretzels out to see if he would take it on his own since this is his first Halloween and as Nate said, at that age, it's about showing off the baby. When I wiggled the bag and the pretzels made a noise, he giggled and reached out for it. Once the bag was in hand, he started shaking it like crazy.

Who needs food when you have a new toy?

Friday, the kids at the daycare at work went trick or treating around campus. The last group to come around were the 3 & 4 year olds. The little boy in the lead was in a tiger costume. He was looking around like he had never seen trees before. When they got to our building, I crouched down and said "You are so cute, you little tiger. I'm scared of you!"

His response: a big huge grin and "RRRRAAAAWWWWRRRR!"

Yeah - it was just that cute.

Edit: The baby boy was in the bee costume. Not the dad. If it were that way around, it would just be creepy and I probably would have stayed inside.