Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wictory Wednesday

The lovely Miss O'Hara asked me to write a post in support of Wictory Wednesday, a campaign around the Republican Blogs that encouraged their readers to give of their time and money.

When the Professor and I spoke recently about who I was going to vote for. He encouraged me to vote for John Kerry (and to get my friends to do the same. The Professor has yet to meet my friends ...... VERY few plan to vote for Kerry). I told him I was going to vote for Badnarik.

But the constant nipping I've received at work about the 1 day I had a Bush/Cheney sticker up has caused me to reconsider. "How could you..." "Why would you..." "Don't you know...."

I planned on voting based on my libertarian principles... protesting the major parties. But it will not make one flippin' difference and I don't think I will feel good about it. I agree with Vox - W is no conservative and is barely passing for a Republican with his voracious spending habits.

It is my vote... and I'm going to cast it to tick off all my co-workers. I am voting for George W. Bush.

Academe needs to stop harassing those of us who lean Right of Center!

In related news, a former LP Presidential candidate is coming out in support of Bush. (via
The Democratic Party today is a haven for anti-Semites, racists, radical environmentalists, plundering trial lawyers, government employee unions, and numerous other self-serving elites who despise the Constitution and loathe private property. It is opposed to free speech: witness the mania for political correctness and intimidation on college campuses, and Kerry's threat to sue television stations that carry the Swift Boat ads. If given the power to do so, Democrats will use any possible means to suppress opposing viewpoints, particularly on talk radio and in the university system. They will attempt to enact "hate speech" and "hate crime" laws and re-institute the Fairness Doctrine, initiate lawsuits, and create new regulations designed to suppress freedom of speech and intimidate their political adversaries. They will call it "defending human rights." This sort of activity may well make up the core of a Kerry administration Justice Department that will have no truck with the rule of law except as a weapon to use against opponents.
They already suppress it at universities with hate speech codes, "free speech zones" - where you can say what you like but if you attempt to say what you like anywhere else on campus, you could face disciplinary action, tolerance of the heckler's veto when conservative speakers come to campus, etc...

(Be sure to read the other articles linked in the original letter to see more reasons why libertarians should support W.)

One of the comments on the original blog with the letter said "why don't people take the time to educate themselves about all the candidates and then make an informed decision?" Because they are too stupid and lazy to do that! You have to do some research to decide what principles, values, and issues matter most to you. Reading about the candidates takes work. The mainstream voter guides often ignore third party candidates. Heaven forbid we have any personal responsibility around here!

I think the best libertarians, Constitution or Green party supporters can hope for is to do well enough to be a part of the national debate. The unfortunate thing for libertarians is that it will take much more work to make America go in that direction than it will to go in the Green or Socialist direction.

Of the two major candidates, W is more friendly to libertarian principles than Kerry will ever be. And that is something I can support.