Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gastronomical Gateway

Yep, PK is traveling again; so it's Elena's turn to "woman" the helm.'s the promised post...a little late.

Find some great dining ideas here...

Denver, CO

Mataam Fez
PK raves and raves about this great Denver eatery. Or did you mean the Boulder location, PKs?

Charleston, SC (with Duke Diva last fall)

Tommy Condon's
The Irish pub we lunched at on a cloudy day... Yummy sandwiches!

Bocci's Italian Restaurant
In a city where seafood is king, you can also get some fine Italian food. This lovely place, facing Church Street, combines elegance and simplicity, dignity and warmth. It's like a Sunday lunch at an Italian grandma's house, that got a little gussied up for dinner. Enjoy the coastal breezes from the French door openings.

Hyman's Seafood Company
Eating at Hyman's is an experience and an event. Be prepared to wait in line. But trust me, the food is worth the wait. Yes, you can go in your cutesy-pootsy wear, but if you must wear jean shorts, those are fine too. Part of the fun is finding out what famous persons once sat at your table. I think Timothy Dalton sat at a table near ours, when he was filming Scarlett (the sequel to Gone with the Wind). *sigh*

Jestine's Kitchen
Hoo, boy! You ain't eaten in Chahlestuhn, till you done eat at Jestine's! (There's a tidbit o' Gullah thrown in there for ya.)

Detroit, MI

La Shish
This Detroit-area chain of restaurants boasts some of the best hommous PK has ever eaten. I agree with her.

Nashville, TN

Fresh ingredients and tasty combos make this little place on Church Street a favorite lunch destination for downtown Nashville workers.

House of Kabob
Chicken should always taste this good.

Parisa's (Search for it here.)
The Persian restaurant every foodie must try. Delightful atmosphere as well as delicious dishes.

Germantown Café
Trendy meets casual dining. You can go there in khakis or your favorite little black dress. (Please, no dungarees—this is a NICE restaurant.) It is the place that made me change my mind about eating pork... pork tenderloin can actually be an elegant dish. (No more dry, season-salt-dredged pork chops for me!)

Krispy Kreme
Beware the Hot! sign... it's like the song of the sirens, calling us all to the doom of our healthy eating plans. If you can resist making the trek a daily one and can keep your donut dining to a once-in-a-blue-moon treat, then your treat outta be a ring of KK yeasty goodness. If you're gonna leap off the wagon, you might as well go for the good stuff (not the mediocre stuff).

Enjoy your gastronomic adventures!

Next time... Meat 'n' Threes and Greasy Spoons :)