Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Assigning Blame

Looking for a new reason to blame W for everything wrong in the world, there are those folks saying: George Bush and 'global warming' to blame for hurricane?

But not the hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen to build homes and businesses on the coast. It isn't their fault at all for choosing to live next to a body of water which has been known to be a pathway for hurricanes to make landfall for at least 100 years.

Nope. Personal responsibilty doesn't plan any part here.

Update: Miss O'Hara rightly pointed out that the Mississippi River is a vital avenue of commerce. I am very sorry to see so many people displaced from their homes, having lost everything they owned and possibly their jobs as businesses fold because they do not have the money to re-open. But one should assume the risk of living on a coast or in a city that is below sea level.

And where are the celebrities? No offense to the tsunami vicitims but... uh... where are those people complaining that Americans are stingy? Where is the telethon? Is it only because it happened over there or to the other that certain A-List people even bother?