Monday, May 24, 2004

Pink Kitty's Story Corner

Per Elena's request....

The Empress had been looking forward to seeing Third Day for months... courtesy of Way-FM which has been promoting the concert for months. I always buy tickets on opening day or as closely as possible because I want to sit as close to the stage as I can.

Ticket said "mosh pit." Not a problem. I've bought tickets for Starwood that said that before and there was no mosh pit.

Well, the Empress got sick the night before... a mix of a stomach bug (courtesy of her brother and taking WAY too much of a painkiller to get her gums to stop hurting). And I do mean sick sick sick sick sick. As Bill Cosby said "thank you toilet for being so cool..."


So, we got to the show... and sure enough... there is a mosh pit. A real mosh pit... and alot of really confused parents who had the same reaction I did.

"I don't believe this."