Thursday, May 27, 2004

Closest I will ever be to a President

President Bush will be across the street from my office in about an hour. He will be visiting the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, giving a speech about medical technology, and attending a fundraiser after that.

Wow... Vanderbilt has had 2 of the biggest people in America on campus in the last 2 weeks. Condi Rice spoke at Senior Day, the morning before commencement. That was an awesome speech (unlike the political address EL what's-his-name gave at Hofstra). She said 'just because you were given something doesn't mean you deserve it.'

To Vandy students! Some of the richest kids around.. wow! And it was met with applause!

When I was in Dallas a couple of years ago, I went to the Billy Graham Crusade. I saw former President Bush's motorcade. Who else but Billy Graham could get an introduction by a former President? I thought that would be the closest I would get to a President.. but knowing that he's right across the street is really quite exciting.

Just wish I could get over there to meet him but it's pretty restricted today.