Friday, May 28, 2004

Let's create a consciousness raising group

I saw the original version of "The Stepford Wives" a couple of years ago. Aside from reeking with Gloria Steinhem 1970's feminism, it wasn't a bad movie..

The consciousness raising group scene stuck in my head because it was just before the main female characters best friend (who hadn't become a Stepford wife yet) was turned to the dark side - from the movies point of view.

I think it is interesting in that it focuses on the idealized version of home/family/women that were established in the 1950's.. that somehow we cannot shake that. What I hated about the whole thing was that the Stepford Men's Club was at fault.. and it's all men's fault... that if there weren't men, women could do as they pleased and achieve and grow...

Nasty feminist garbage.

I was upset when I heard they were remaking it... and they have re-written it... and made it from a suspense movie into a comedy. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

I like Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick but I will be skipping this movie.

Maybe I will write the other side of the story... the all-consuming nature of radical feminism and how it impacts community.. how it inhibits men and women from being what they desire to be - how God created them.. how it destroys relationships.. how it forces women to continually play a victim role..

No, wait, I don't have to write it... we live that everyday. Oops. - Foxlife - Fox411 - Stepford Wives: 'Too Dumb for Words'