Sunday, May 23, 2004

Things that make you go... ::shudder::

We all now this is the year for the Cicada.. though I haven't seen one in Nashville yet. When they do come out, I know the real Empress Kitty will not go outside because she hates bugs.. or else she will start bringing them inside. And this Empress will not be happy at the thought of creepy-crawly things inside her house!

But I will be happy if they don't come out at all. Stay in the closet!

Anyway, here's a little gem from The Cicada FAQs

What do they taste like?
Periodical cicadas are best eaten when they are still white (teneral), and they taste like cold canned asparagus. Like all insects, cicadas have a good balance of vitamins, are low in fat, and the females are especially high in protein. They are also Atkins friendly!