Monday, June 05, 2006


Last night while I was fussing with grocery bags and all, my neighbors across the street let their two big dogs out. They started barking at me, which is typical so I ignored and went about my business.

I get to my front door, insert the key and all of a sudden I hear " 'dogs' names' GET BACK HERE NOW!! GET BACK!" And the barking has turned to growling, and it is getting alot closer. I had flashes of Mrs. Ispa being attacked. I couldn't get my front door unlocked so I squished myself between it and the screen door, pulled it as close as I could and put my bags between me and the dogs.

They got about 5 feet from me and stopped, like their collars were yanked. I'm calling it divine intervention. It certainly wasn't good training because if it had been good training, the dogs never would have left the front yard in the first place. They go back to their yard, and the owners are screaming at the top of their lungs at the dogs to get back in the house.

It took me about 15 minutes to quit shaking. My neighbors never did come across the street and ring the bell to apologize for the fact their dogs threatened me.

DC suggested that I walk over with my Sig in hand and say "now how does it feel to be threatened in your own front yard?" While I love that solution, I don't think threatening physical violence to the owners is quite where I need to move just yet. I told my brother that if they do that again, I'm shooting them. He said that could be counted as murder if I come back into the house and retrieve a firearm and then go back outside.

"Of a dog? I'm not talking about shooting the owners. They just need a good beatin' for being stupid enough to let their dogs run loose."
"Yeah, I think so. Instead of doing that, perhaps if you see them loose again, don't even talk to the neighbors, just come inside and call animal control. Let them come over and remind the owners of the law."
"You are right... as much as that offends my libertarian sensibilities."

He also said that the dogs chased him one day when he was out running. In their slight defense, the dogs are never out in the front yard unsupervised. HOWEVER, I do know that they have fenced in back yard. Those big dogs should not be out in the front yard without being on a leash/chain in the first place. If I recall correctly, that is the law in Davidson County.

This is where I am conflicted. As a libertarian, I don't really enjoy involving the government - at all. The only thing that makes it remotely tolerable is the fact that the government in question is as local as possible.

However, there comes a point where your liberty (owning dogs) affects mine (nearly attacking me in my own yard). Given the whole pistols at dawn thing is on the extreme side, I think I will talk to the owners first. They seem to be reasonable, nice people. Hopefully, I won't have to involve animal control.

I have a phone and I'm not afraid to use it... even if makes me taste bile in the process.