Monday, February 21, 2005

Belly Dance Photo of the Week

Here is a second installment of world's worst belly dance costumes.

OK... Let the Empress count the ways this cosume is wrong.
1) Bike shorts
2) Bike shorts

There is nothing feminine, sexy, seductive, attractive, or even cute about this costume. Bike shorts? They belong at the gym or on a bike trail - while riding a bike. They are not to be worn out among the general population and certainly NOT as a dance costume (the early 1990's - MC Hammer's back up dancers excluded).

Well, can we guess what body part we are trying to emphasize here? I don't think it's her chin.

Or here? It's the Sir Mix A Lot appreciation hip scarf. Notice how your cheeks will be nicely separated with this neat hip scarf. Perfectly round.. like a peach.

Or here? In fact, they think you need some help in focusing your attention....