Thursday, February 17, 2005

I cannot escape probate!

Last week, my uncle called to tell me he sold the property that he and my mom inherited when their mom passed away in 1986. They needed to know what was going on with the property when my mom passed away.
"I thought she did a quit claim deed and gave it to you."

Well, no.

For my new readers, please allow me to explain. I was the administrator of my mom's estate when she passed in 2000. And sort of when my grandmother passed in 2003 but my dad was on the papers. When my dad passed away in 2004, I was named administator of his estate AND of her estate. Needless to say, I think I have more experience than most people who aren't in the business of death and attorneys.

Well, I gave my uncle my attorney's phone number. She looked through her records.

"No, I didn't do a quit claim deed on it. Maybe it was in your grandmother's home county." (where the property is). "Have him check with the register of deeds in that county. If not, an attorney in that county can file an affidavit and you and your brother (who is in Iraq and can't exactly sign anything right now.. thank God for Power of Attorney) can sign it over to him since her half would have gone automatically to her heirs on her death."

"OK. Not a problem."

"Well, there could be. The title company may not issue insurance on it. Your grandmother's estate may have to go into probate."


"Yeah but that needs to be handled by someone in that county. It's not something I can really help with since the property isn't in Nashville."

"OK. Thanks. I appreciate it."


I will never be threw with these estates! One from 19 years ago is coming back to bite me on the tookis. For crying out loud.