Tuesday, February 22, 2005

There she is - not -... Miss America....

And the tribe has spoken. Jeff Probst takes away her little crown after some speech about fire being life.

The Donald jumps in and hops up and down about the Miss Universe pagent that he owns and he's pissed because Mark Burnett didn't think of it first for the Miss USA pagent (which Trump owns.) He threatens to fire Burnett but realizes that firing the god of Reality TV may not be a good idea since Trump will be replaced with Martha Stewart next year.

Oh wait. They paired up with William Morris. Will it be a spin off of America's Next Top Model? Tyra Banks may need more to do. Will they model clothes like on Project Runway (Fashion is all about it's in and what's out so says Heidi Klum. Will Michael Kors be underwhelmed?) or SI's Swimsuit Model Search (air-brushed on suits as opposed to real swimsuits)? Will Simon be a judge for the talent competition? Absolutely dreadful.

There are a half-dozen shows that do it already and will probably do it better.