Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blogger Bash Breakfast

Well, her ever-fabulousness herself got dolled up and trotted down to the Ch. 2 studio for doughnuts, coffee and shop talk with some of Nashville's finest - bloggers that is.

FINALLY met Blake in person (wearing the infamous Clay Aiken argyle sweater). Glad to meet you. And Bill Hobbs. And some of the fellas from Pith in the Wind. And Glen from the very new Nashville Truth. It was alot alot of fun. Mike, the GM, talked about how Ch. 2 doesn't see bloggers as competition but as yet another outlet. He was alot of fun to talk to. And for the group picture, Rex has a photo. And that would be me in the red, seated next to the Dragon.

And since there were bloggers around, someone live blogged it. The Dragon has the entry.

Yay! Can't wait for the next meeting.

Edited to add: WHERE are my manners??? The Empress sends out many thanks to Terry at The Pomo Blog for organizing this event. Thanks to Channel 2 for hosting (and for the link on the Nashville Blogs list. Nate has one on that list, too.)

Update: Terry has several photos on his blog.