Monday, February 28, 2005

A Reality Show Nate Would Love?

Given Nate's hatred of reality TV shows, I happened across one a couple of weeks ago that I'm curious to know what the Blogger Blaster has to say about it.

The Ultimate Fighter on Spike.

Big, buff, sweaty men beating each other up. Mmm... Well, at least I found a reason to watch it.

I know nothing about ultimate fighting other than it kinda looks like the movie Bloodsport (this was a movie my dad and I watched together. As sucky as the movie is, it holds a special place in my heart.) I think they should leave all that backstage bickering and complaining about who doesn't know how to use the grill out of the show. I don't want to know if they are drama queens! I don't care! Boring.

The show as a TV show isn't well done. It's actually kind of dull. I flipped back and forth until the weigh in.

More fighting!