Friday, February 11, 2005

Defense of the Indefensible?

Nate has this to say:
So Elena has publicly thrown PK under the bus... blaming PK for her exposure to Queer Eye for a Straight Guy.

Should this accusation turn out to be true...

There will be a proper sentencign hearing at the blogger blaster at a date to be announced later.

How answer you this charge?

(The Empress was confused about who was actually charged and Mr. Nate clarified it for me)

Throwing someone under a bus is a figure of speech. You, PK, are being accused of exposing the otherwise pure,virginal, and innocent Elena to that trash.

What say you?
Hmm… First: can the Empress REALLY be tried in her own court? Nate that is just very… bold of you to march yourself into the Empress’s throne room and put her on trial. But being a benevolent Empress, I suppose I will humor the charge with a response and not send out for the Palace Guard to attack the Mountain Fortress or something.

As to whether or not I stand, or sit as the case may be, guilty of corrupting innocent little Elena with episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Yes, it was on my TV that she was exposed to that show.

But a certain Countess did make special trips to the Empress’s house to watch said show. Let’s remember a bit of personal responsibility here. If little Miss Elena was not enjoying herself or was in any way offended, she could have escorted herself right out the door. Geez, do you think we are going to watch NASCAR? We are girls!

And as Elena said “No one understands a woman’s *itchy side like a gay man.”

I stand by my TV viewing choices. I have not watched Queer Eye but for a few minutes in at least a few months. It is so 5 minutes ago. Played out. Done and frankly it’s moved to annoying. Gary Sinese is much better to watch on Wednesdays (on at the same time as one of the QE shows). Give me CSI any day. And thanks to syndication and multiple shows, I can watch CSI at least once a day on multiple stations if I were so inclined.