Friday, February 16, 2007

Behaving Badly

Is it possible that of all people, K-Fed could come out for the better (in the public eye that is) because Britney is acting like an idiot?

After Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were separated, public sympathy was overwhelmingly in favor of Nick. It seems to always goes to the woman by default.

I got to thinking about it yesterday. I don't know why other than some random image I saw on TV about Britney's latest fling in NYC and that her ex's, Justin Timberlake and K-Fed, were overheard at a Grammy event talking about her.

Could Britney do in divorce what she couldn't do in marriage - give K-Fed public sympathy/credibility? At least for the short term. I mean - he is a joke, right? He can't possible milk this for more than say 30 minutes of fame? Can he? Or is this a warning sign of the apocalypse?