Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yay! iPhone!!!!!

My attention span for the next 2.whatever days is nearly shot. All I can think about is the iPhone. Crap - I think I even dreamed about the iPhone last night.

Curse you Steve Jobs!!! Or bless you Steve Jobs!!! Anyway, so I thought I would need to purchase the phone and then take it to the AT&T store for activation. I should have known better. This is Apple we are talking about here. They make your digital life easier.

I watched the video on activation last night. You can do it right from your computer. No store needed other than to purchase it. Yay! iPhone!

No I don't consider the iPhone to be just shy of Christ walking on water but it will absolutely make my day to day life easier. I hate having to use multiple calendars to keep up with everything. And let's not even talk about the disheveled Address Book. I've been waiting for nearly a year to get a new cell phone. I think my patience will be rewarded.