Saturday, May 17, 2003

Homeschool as a threat

In this item from, you'll find a quote from a professor at a College of Education saying that homeschooling is the biggest threat to public education. As well it should be. Public education in the US is largely a joke unless you are in a gifted/honors program or in a more affluent school district. Inner city schools do not get the funding they need to make education viable for the student. I believe in home schooling as a choice for parents who feel that is the best option for their child. The state (in the article, California is the major subject) is furious because they are losing dollars so they are throwing up as many roadblocks to pulling your child out of public school as they can. That is just plain wrong and against the idea of individual liberty and parental control. The state is NOT the know-it-all officials would like you to believe.