Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I wasn't going to comment on Hillary Clinton's book Living History but this review entitled, Hillary yawner never gets to the good part is probably the best out there and quite amusing.

Of course, I have no love lost for our former First Lady now Senator who's lying through her teeth when she says she's not going to run for President. Can you hear it now in 2007? "No, I don't want to run... but with such overwhelming support, I will accept your support..." to the "Draft Hillary" bunch.

Incidentally, the Draft Gore rally in Nashville last weekend had less than 100 people show up. And most left early.

Anyway, so Hillary gets "drafted" to run for President. And overwhelmingly wins the nomination because the Clintonites were placed into power in the Democratic Party just before he left office. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is able to whip up a frenzy and fund-raise like never before. I'm not sure who the candidate could be.. Lamar Alexander might be in a position for another run but I think a potential one might be Bill Frist. Fred Thompson would be better. Of course, I'm partial to Tennessee Republicans. What do you expect?

I hope the US does eventually have a woman for President. I surely hope to God it isn't her!

With a biblical reason to divorce her husband years and years ago (before Chelsea was born I imagine), she chose to ride his coat tails to power and prestige. And how many lives were ruined because of Bill's predatory antics? How many people died to cover it up? Yes - I'm a part of the vast Right-wing conspiracy!

And for her to say she didn't know... and believed him? Come ON! Every woman I know who was involved with a man who was cheating on her said she began to suspect something. Behavior changed... gifts appeared or suddenly they began working late hours. A note appeared out of now where.. phone calls. Is Hillary just that dense? I don't think so. She knew and chose to be a co-conspirator. Just ask Juanita Broderick.

For a even more virulent treatment of Hillary's fiction, see this commentary from WorldNetDaily contributor, Vox Day.