Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spending My Money...

A conversation last night at the studio between classes...

Fellow Student: Todd told me you are going to Ohio.
PK: What?
FS: Yeah. He said that you were planning to go to the Ohio Star Ball.
PK: *sighs... looks shocked* We hadn't talked about it... this is the second time that he's run around telling people I'm going to a competition when I haven't said one way or the other. Are you going?
FS: No! It's too big! I'm not ready for something like that. [The Ohio Star Ball is the largest competition in the US. Last year, there were over 14,000 people... or was it entries? I don't remember. It's huge. They filmed the PBS special America's Ballroom Challenge there last year. Nashville's Ben and Shalene Ermis were on it.]
PK: I tell ya... Todd must be the woman in this relationship. He's doing a bang up job of spending my money.