Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Vh1 was running a marathon of Greatest Hits of the 1990's. I've seen most, if not all of them multiple times, of the I love the 70's (not so much), 80's (1, Strikes Back, and 3) and 90's (1 and Part Deux) and the greatest hit countdowns - one hit wonders, rock songs, ballads, songs to walk your dog to....

But this list. This list bothers me. It's like "holy crap. I am getting old." I know 32 isn't old but now... the things that shaped my life and were SO IMPORTANT to a 15 - 19 year old girl are just trivia. Some realizations...

- Titanic came out 10 years ago. Damn. You know, I don't remember if I saw it in the theater. I think I did. I remember being on my first trip to Denver and with a group of people and trying to go see it but it was sold out every show they were willing to sell tickets for.
- James Hetfield of Metallica now has grey hair.
- Vanilla Ice is still teh ghey. And I still know most of the words to Ice Ice Baby. That's just sad. And still mumble alot of MMMBop.
- Speaking of, the Hanson kids are married?! With kids?! And MMMBop was 10 years ago. Crap.
- TLC's "Waterfalls" was the song I remember hearing after I was told a guy who I grew up with shot and killed himself. He was the bully across the street. I couldn't really feel bad. I tried but I didn't. I did milk that little tidbit of information for some sympathy.
- I have vivid memories of going into the Student Center at Belmont and watching "Nuthin' but a G thang" and "California Love." I love the latter. It is one of my favorite songs. That whole Mad Max themed video is great.
- Alot of the follow-ups with the artists... they are now older and fat. And in the case of Britney Spears - crazy, too.
- Nine Inch Nails should have been on that list. It made the 50 that didn't make the top 100 along with Gin and Juice, Nookie, and Been Caught Stealing. I first heard "Closer" as the opening song in Seven. I went to see that movie with French (one of my philosophy professors. I saw her recently on the History Channel talking about ancient Grecian warfare. Coolest woman ever. She should have been a Greek goddess. She looked like one... and should have been on Broadway instead of talking about Charles Pierce), Jeb, and someone else. I don't remember. I do remember they were mad at me for choosing Seven since it scared everyone so badly. And thus began my love affair with scary, tripped out horror flicks.
- I don't get REM, Pearl Jam or Nirvana....
- 90's fashion was really really bad. From Hammer Pants to Grunge in the space of 3 years... (1990-1993). Yuck.
- U2's "One" makes me want to do that worship CCM pose... drop to my knees and throw my arms out to the side and belt it out at the top of my lungs.