Friday, April 25, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon Update

I know you all are just waiting with baited breath... this episode (as others from pervious seasons) highlighted the addage: pride cometh before a fall. And boy oh boy did the RATS - Rob, Alex, Twigs and Sticks - hit hard with Rob jumped ship to side with Matt, Butch and Christy. Just like the Mall Rats from Africa, Jerri in Australia, and John's alliance in Marqueses, they got too cocky and made assumptions about other players. Alex got the boot and he probably wouldn't have if he hadn't said in the DUMBEST Survivor move EVER!!
"You Rob, if I win immunity at 4, you know Heidi and Jenna aren't going to vote for each other and therefore they will vote for you. Well, I'll going to vote for you too."

Uh... yeah. Alex, can I just stamp "I'm too stupid for the game" on your forehead? Rob may not made the final four but you know.. he will last longer than you and will probably sleep better in the morning.

Spoiler information says Heidi goes next week - much to the joy of all of us who are tired of looking at her boney body and artificial boobies. She is not that cute.. no matter what she thinks.. her personality (and that with Jenna) makes her totally ugly.

Speaking of Jenna - can a girl get any more selfish? This girl has had more to eat on the show I think since Colby in Australia went on a challenge run that has yet to be rivaled, and she still thinks someone who eats when she doesn't is a fat pig, and that Christy is selfish for bidding on the letter from home. Umm. Jenna - you are the one who stripped for chocolate and peanut butter and bid $380 on it in the food auction. Christy deserved that letter just as much as you did... who's the pig? You are the one to go on the reward with Dave and Alex.. you've eaten PLENTY! And I wouldn't have been surprised if it was you who brought the granola bar.