Tuesday, April 29, 2003

It's a dangerous thing. I'm thinking again.

The other day, I caught a bit of Madonna's video and performance of her new song "American Life" on MTV. It isn't a good song. Period. Her continued attempts at being a psudeo-intellectual by attacking the society that has afforded her a life in a London mansion are a bit on the laughable side. But I will save smacking the hypocrtical Hollywood types for another blog.

Someone please answer this for me: when the Red Communist wear become chic? All of a sudden, I've seen people, pictures, posters, and such pop up and they look very Soviet. See Madonna's album cover for a excellent example of what I'm speaking of. Black, white, and red.. Soviet realist style.. or the whole Che Guavara look is back in (see Bono). Ummm... sure. I guess since they can't be real revolutionaries because that would actually involve some personal sacrifice, they will just dress the part.