Monday, April 24, 2006

Return from Motown

Elena and I travelled to Detroit for the wedding of Miss O'Hara and her Dearest (or whatever name she gave him. She kept changing it). It was a lovely affair, full of style, grace and a presence that only the lovely and talented Miss O'Hara could have pulled off - with the help of yours truly.


1) Michigan is very... flat.

2) When you tell people that you met the bride via a blog and that you've only met face to face twice before... "and you are a maid of honor?!" must be the standard response.
"Yeah. It's very cool the way people can connect and get to know each other. I'm thrilled to be here and meet her family and friends..." was PK's response. Smiling. Always smiling.

3) Maybe that post on BDSM wasn't such a good idea knowing that many of these people know who I am because of her blog. Maybe they didn't read it. Thank God no one said anything about it.

4) I think I found a place with drivers worse than those in Nashville. I never thought I would find that place. That place is Detroit.

5) I am SO GLAD to be at home... in my bed... with my pillows... My bedroom looks like a closet exploded since I just opened up my suitcase and dumped everything on the floor but... whatever.

6) Just because I'm from Nashville doesn't mean I know how to line dance. We very much made up the "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" dance that everyone joined in on. That's ok. You know why? Everyone had fun and THAT is the important thing.

7) Miss O'Hara and her Dearest were so cute dancing! They asked me for a critique and joked that I was laughing at them when they messed up. As I said to them "You had fun. You looked great. Who cares what I think? It is your day!" Though I did offer Miss O'Hara some advice in the middle of the waltz with her father. Heh. :)

8) I caught my heel on the dress as I took my first step down the aisle. I must have looked like a deer stuck in headlights as I was sure I was going to fall down. For all the walking I do in heels, it was rather embarressing.

9) People must not run around barefoot up there. After the ceremony was over and the pictures behind us, I took off my very painful shoes that no one could see anyway because of the dress. Every now and then, people saw my bare feet. My nails were done. There were no scabs or anything. I didn't go outside and play in the wet grass. Why was this a problem?

10) Spring just arrived in Detroit. When we got there Thursday, most everything was kind of brown and dead. 2 days of rain and when we drive back to the airport on Sunday, everything was green.