Thursday, January 18, 2007

Broken down, but not down in the mouth

Pink Kitty's laptop is in the shop, so she's blogging less, folks. Plus, this weekend is the Nashville Starz competition! I haven't counted up exactly how many times she'll be dancing, but it's a lot! And she'll be doing her famous faboo samba on Sunday during a series of solo exhibitions.

From all the dance practice, PK's back problem has flared up again. Those of y'all who are sibs in Christ---join us in believing that PK's back is gonna be totally healed! Intercede on her behalf!

Her computer may be broken down, her back may be giving her fits, but she's not down in the mouth. She's movin' on, in classic PK-style!!

Here's a classic PK quote: "The deeper the can'ts go, the harder it is to climb up out of the pit."

Preach it, sister!