Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wrongful Imprisonment

Eric Volz is the son of a woman (Maggie Anthony) that Elena and I knew when we were at Belmont University. She was the Philosophy Dept. secretary (a place where we spent way too much time on the horrid yellow couch.) Her husband is Dane Anthony, former campus minister at Belmont (I worked with him at the time through SGA) and now Associate Dean of Students. He's Eric's step-father.

Eric is currently being held in Nicaragua for a murder he did not commit.

To learn more about his case, send him a note of encouragement, and to donate to his defense, please visit Friends of Eric Volz.

Belmont will be hosting a benefit concert next Wednesday, Jan 24, 7:30 pm in Massey Auditorium. Cost is $20 and all ticket sales will go toward his defense.

Fellow believers, pray and believe that he will be released from prison.