Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comments on Bellevue Community Church

I spent the morning working on a big ol' long post on the events at BCC. After some thought and a little prayer, I've decided not to post it except for one thing.

I am asking all of my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for BCC. I've read some very hurtful and ugly things as well as some very reasonable statements from members on both sides. Pray for healing, God's guidence and wisdom, and peace in this very difficult time.

To those that feel wounded by the firing of Dr. Foster, there is no reason to disrupt a church service over it with banners, buttons, and threats. If you are that hurt by it, don't go. Find another church, but be aware that you are dangerously close to falling into the cult of David Foster zone. Find constructive ways to air your grievences and concerns. AND hear both sides of the issue. Ask both the elders and Dr. Foster tough questions. Push through any spin and ask for hard evidence.

Ask God to guide you on where you need to be. Don't let the emotions drive you to or from a church. God is in control and let Him direct you. You may still be needed at BCC.