Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fashion Review at VU

So, the students are back. This means a slew of funky clothes that I've seen before the first time around appear.

As Mr. Roboto has pointed out, the 1980's are back and have been back for a while. Popped collars, leggings with skirts or oversized t-shirts are back. I have the latest issue of Vogue still in the wrapper for fear that it will remind me too much of middle school.

I rocked that the first time around in 1986. I'm not doing it again.

And then today... what did I see?

A terry cloth romper. As in something I would wear to the beach to cover up my swimsuit. It does nothing to flatter the shape of a woman's body. It makes her boobs look like they are either non-exsistent or hanging at the waist.

I think there is a serious mis-representation that the Vanderbunnies are always dressed to the nines and overly made up. Seeing them on a day to day basis, they look more like they just rolled out of bed and picked up what was on the floor. That and designers are getting lazy by passing off bed and beachwear as the latest craze.

A terry cloth romper? What age are they? 4?

While I am at it - don't wear tapered leg jeans or leggings or stirrup pants (Oh geez.. I just felt something in my throat. Yuck). E-V-E-R. The only possible exception are the models they put those clothes on for the runways and advertisements. You need to be 5'10" and 110 lbs for those things to look good. If you are a normal woman and your legs to look good, go for a straight or boot cut leg.

If banana clips come back, that's it. The world will official be in a handbasket on its way to a very warm place.