Monday, October 16, 2006

Finding Ways to get Shot

Apparently, one of my neighbors is attempting to get shot. By me.

Last night. It's sometime after 11:30. I finished up my laundry. Watched a little TV and headed upstairs to go to bed. I clicked all the lights out downstairs and as I get to the top of the stairs I see a shadow approach the door and move from side to side as though he was trying to see inside.

Of course he couldn't because of the new ArtGlass films I put over the windows in the door.

I went into my spare bedroom, loaded my Sig and walked back down to where I could see out the window. I could see a bevy of my neighbors gathered across the street. They waved. Twice. Then I finally waved back.


You don't just walk up to someone's door at 11:30 at night without a reason. Scaring me like that is a real good way to get shot. My light had been on all evening. If you had wanted to ask me something, ring the doorbell.

Incidentally, there is a new crime wave happening related to Halloween - pumpkins being smashed through car windows. My co-worker daughter's car was hit last night by a pumpkin and it went through one of the windows of her car. It wasn't on the street; it was in her parents' driveway.

The police said they had several reports of that occuring throughout the county. She wanted the police to come out and take fingerprints off the pumpkin. They wouldn't. They only look for fingerprints in the cases of murder, home invasion, and rape.

If Chief Serpas is all about preventing crime by pulling motorists over in droves (since someone with a busted tail light could also be a drug dealer), wouldn't it seem reasonable that we could prevent other crimes by fingerprinting smashed pumpkins? Doesn't that kind of mischief show a tendancy for the disregard of private property? What is to stop them from graduating to car theft? They already know how to get inside a car.