Monday, October 09, 2006

UT Man (my brother) Marries Bama Girl

Doesn't he look great in his dress blue uniform?

I was given the honor of standing in for the mother of the groom (since our parents are both deceased). I cried through the rehearsal. I cried through all the songs played before Bama Girl came down the aisle. Elena made me cry when the couple was leaving, asking if I felt UT Man was all grown up. But for a change, they were all happy tears. It was nice to go to a happy event for our family.

A couple of people told me they couldn't look at me because I was crying---that it would have gotten them to crying.

Our aunt and uncle (our mom's brother) came. They asked me, "So when are we going to have one of these for you?"
PK: *sigh* "Well, I have to be dating someone first.... that is usually the first step."
Relatives: "Yeah... I guess you have been busy."

I SWEAR---questions like that make my head hurt.

DC (who is blogging again now, by the way - go see his new layout and stuff. He's supposed to put up some pictures soon from Cowboy Camp Meeting - don't make me into a liar, Mark) said that I should have said, "When God starts making real men again."

You can see more pictures from the rehearsal and the wedding on flickr.