Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Hunting for Bambi

I only hate a couple of Disney movies. Pocahontas is one. It's heavy self-righteous tree hugger tone that somehow native peoples were more environmentally senstive than the explorers was just sick. Stupid revisionist history.

I also hate Ol' Yeller. I love dogs. I had a dog 6 weeks before I was born and have one ever since. The poor old dog getting shot at the end hurts.

And I hate Bambi. Thumper is cute and all but, you know.. weeping forest animals and a fawn yelling "mama!" shoots off the cuteness scale to the point of being nausiating. It IS too much for any one person to watch.

But, this really isn't about Disney movies. It's about a website called You can read about here on the safe-for-work version at The premise is that guys pay $10K to hunt naked women in the Las Vegas desert for 3 days and shoot at them with paint guns.

Right or wrong is a matter of personal opinion. I feel that consenting adults are responsible for the consequences of their own actions. I was bothered by a video I saw a couple of days ago on this story where the guy after bringing down a 'bambi' groped her for oh... probably 15 seconds and discussed mounting her. And I think we both know what 'mounting' means. And the woman just has to lay there and play dead. I don't know any guy who's gone hunting and fondled the deer after killing it.

This is just twisted. It plays into wierd fantasies on both sides. Men: cave man instincts of hunting and possibly taking their aggression out on women. I wonder if any have pulled them across the dirt by their hair a la cartoon style. Women: fantasies of the chase, being the object of a man's single focus (as we all know most men have one track minds and don't multi-task too well), and of being completely dominated.

And one of the bambi's said that s/he liked to be pampered - at the guys expense. Well duh! Who doesn't! That has about as much sense to me as "I don't like getting my foot run over with a car." It's just a fact of life. We all like to be pampered now and again.

Speaking of - my birthday is coming up in 11 days... I'm in need of some pampering :) Any takers?