Thursday, July 17, 2003

In the world of insane lawsuits

We can all be highly amused by the court system. A woman spills hot coffee on herself in the parking lot and sues McDonalds because the coffee was hot. Well, imagine that... hot coffee! Next time, order it iced for safety's sake.

But this one takes the cake. In Australia, a doctor has been successfully sued to pay for a child that was born after a tubal ligation was performed. My questions for the plantiffs:

1) Didn't you know that tubal ligation isn't nearly as effective as a vascetomy?

2) Why is it the woman's responsiblity for pregnancy prevention? Didn't her husband consider having his parts nipped and tucked? It would have been a double shot and ensured extra protection.

3) Don't you know that sex=possiblity of getting pregnant? You must since you have 2 other children and I doubt they were immaculate conceptions.

4) Have you EVER heard of the concept of personal responsiblity??? Would you sue the condom manufacturers if that was your method of choice and you still got prenant? I bet you would.

They are just proof positive that the gene pool needs to be cleansed.. much like the partcipants of

I read a reply on a board about the huntingforbambi thing that said "don't these ----- know that bambi in the movie was a boy?"