Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Why I'm not a Democrat

Or at the least, why I'm glad I'm not a Democrat. Here's a good example of why... all of the current Democratic Presidential candidates want to repeal the Bush Tax cuts and raise them back to what Clinton had during the boom '90s.

Think about it this way: the citizenry is NOT some bottomless pit that government can continue to draw from and expect growth in the overall economy. The more they suck away in taxes, the less people will have to spend on goods such as homes, cars, washing machines, and DVD's. Because they have less money to spend on goods, production has to be decreased. People lose their jobs and are forced to go onto government assistance. And because more people are now asking for help from the government, the government turns around and says to the few people still working for a living "We need to raise taxes..." and they do it, starting the nasty cycle all over again.

Taxes are evil.