Monday, September 12, 2005

I can't take you people anywhere

Wow... I go away for a few days and something akin to a flame war breaks out in the comments section.

I'm back. We are safe. And all is right in my world. Don't know about yours. Don't really care.

I am so fed up with the Katrina coverage and begging/blaming/weeping and gnashing of teeth in the media that I'm pissed off enough to hold back any donations for a while.

Before you start screaming "PK HOW CAN YOU?! You are a heartless..." blah blah. Having expericence with funerals, I know that lots of people give lots of offers assistance in the first few days. Shock and numbness often lead people to say "Thanks but I don't need it right now." That is because they are grieving and don't really know what they need.

But 2 months from the funeral, you need help cleaning out the garage. There are no offers of help. People put you off because their lives are busy. THAT is when you find out who your true friends are... the people who come over 2 years after something happened (thanks Elena, Duke Diva, and Ashley! I love you sisters!) to help you clean out the space.

When the stories have stopped. The telethons long forgotton, the need will still be there.

Think about that.