Thursday, September 29, 2005

Movie Viewing Follow-up

This has been PK's movie week outside of the Film Festival.

Tuesday night, Duke Diva and I went to the preview screening of "A History of Violence." Jim Ridley's review is spot on. Warning: some NSFW language in the review. It's easier to point to someone else's lengthy review that I agree with than write one myself that would bore the pants off you. The script was incredibly good. The acting was outstanding. And the cinematography... wow. That did an incredible job of setting a creepy tone right at the beginning of the movie. *shiver* I highly recommend seeing this movie. It gets my full-price ticket award (I don't give that lightly).

Wednesday night, Elena and I went to the preview screening of Serenity as a part of our selling out to da man and pimpin' out my blog for a free ticket. First, I am not a Joss Whedon fan. My question about this was "who?"

I had no idea it was tied to a TV show until somebody told me.

I didn't do any reading up on the backstory before hand. Other than the snyopsis posted on my blog, that's all the information I had.

This movie can stand on its own. One does not need to be a rabid fanboy or fangirl to appreciate it. It was very good. Again, the story was well-written. There was just enough humor to keep the overall story from being repressed by the special effects.

It was made better by running into Big Orange Michael and Katherine. It's great to put faces with blogs and to find out people are just as funny face-to-face as they are on their blogs. I thought Brittney of NIT was sitting behind us but that girl said she wasn't. And Pam and I saw plenty of movies together at NFF. It was good to see her too. In fact, if we hadn't seen Pam, we wouldn't have met Katherine or Michael.

Elena said "do you have blog fodder for days?" when seeing the variety of people in attendance.

"Only if I had my camera."

This lead us into a long discussion about how it might be possible to be a sci-fi nut and yet still bathe and dress in something that looked like it had been washed since the turn of the century. Or to get a haircut that doesn't shout "I used to be a roadie for Quiet Riot."

I guess I am supposed to say something about the movie, now.

I liked it. I'm glad I went. I'm glad it was free because that saved me $8 I can use toward gas. I would have paid matinee price if someone I knew had seen it before I saw it.