Thursday, October 23, 2003

More on Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ"

Mel's 'Passion': No One Would Touch It

I told you early last week that Mel Gibson would have to distribute "The Passion of Christ" himself in Europe and Australia. Yesterday, Gibson's company confirmed this, but will give Newmarket Films the license to distribute in the U.S.

Newmarket is famous for "Memento" and will have "Monster" in the Oscar race this winter.

"The Passion of Christ" will not be released on Easter, as originally planned. Instead, Newmarket will put it out on Ash Wednesday. This happens to fall on February 24, just five days before the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles. Can you imagine what Billy Crystal will do with this, especially if the release is preceded by protests and bad reviews?

I'm of the mind that "Passion" must be released and that everyone -- I mean, everyone -- should get a chance to see it. Gibson has already come across like a total nut in his interviews, especially the one in The New Yorker. Is he anti-Semitic? Is the movie? On February 24, the movie-going audience will be able to judge for itself.

The result will affect Gibson's future in show business.