Sunday, October 26, 2003

Oh please... grow up

This rant is based on an editorial about how
Gen X'ers are over educated and under-employed. Somehow she was denied that right of passage to back pack across Europe because she is 25 and not 30 (the group that was the heart of the internet boom.. er.. bust).


For crying out loud. And shut up! Go back to work. I am three years older than you chick and I didn't backpack anywhere (that would require sleeping in places there is no way I would sleep in). I didn't hit it big with the internet boom, and I don't know any 29 year old millionaires. If I do, they hide it well.

Stop comparing yourself to the Jones'. Alot of people didn't experience what a select few did. What is bothersome about our society, as compared to just a few generations ago, is:
1) media. It is so easy to see the Hilton sisters living the high life and want it for yourself. Martha Stewart gives every homemaker an inferiority complex if you don't make your stuff from scratch and from speciality stores instead of dressing up Pottery Barn close-outs. Because of this, we look longingly at "the good life" and forget that "the good life" would suck without people to share it with. Stop buying crap and invite someone over to sit in your living room for a chat. And it doesn't have to be perfect. We all have clutter.
2) America is fat and lazy. We have too much lesiure time. We don't have to work for anything. The hardest thing I have to do to get meet is walk into the grocery store from the far end of the parking lot. Because of this, we rarely have to work hard at anything. Therefore, when that time to work presents itself, we complain like 2 year olds. The author of the editorial is now having to face the real working world and realizes it stinks and now wants to go back to law school to avoid if for another 3 years. Honey, you will work harder in law school and as a lawyer that you do now. Think carefully. Can you find an altruistic career otherwise?

I could keep going for another 3 pages but I digress, If you don't like your job, find a new one. Take some freakin' personal responsibility. Just because your parents said "you can be what ever you want to be" doesn't mean that at some point, there won't be anyone else to blame. They will have left your sorry butt a long time ago.

For your gray hairs, talk to your stylist. There are a variety of colors on the market to cover it up. You know, you aren't going to be young forever. Accept it. You'll be happier.

For your wrinkles, BeautiControl has a line of wonderful products that will reduce the appearance of them - for any age group. Email me. I can hook you up.