Thursday, October 16, 2003

Survivor: Pearl Islands update

Once upon a time, a Prince named Rupert went visiting to the land of Morgan. While there, he fished, moved a hut, irked a lesser being, the Court Jester Osten(who is not amusing at all!), and became a hero when he helped the Morgan folk win reward.

But he did not partake.

The Prince at the first opportunity returned to his homeland of Drake to find that things were not as he left it. Bastard step-twin Burton had left, leaving his brother Shawn who attempted to prove that he is worthy of leadership. (He is not and should be run over with the royal horsecarts.) Prince Rupert found a new pet, a snake named Balboa. This royal observer wishes that it was big enough to eat Evil Duke Jon.

At the end of the day, Lady Sandra could not eat the fish, lost immunity, and Duchess Michelle left the land of Drake for a hot meal and a shower.

The End.