Friday, October 31, 2003

Survivor: Pearl Islands update

Best.. episode.. ever. Well, ok. maybe not the best (Jerri getting voted out was the best) but it ranks right up there.

Morgan and Drake arrive at the challenge site to find a third tribe - the outcasts. The stakes: if either Morgan or Drake lose to the Outcasts, they have to vote someone out. The Outcast will in turn vote someone back into the game.

Well, the Outcasts beat Drake by a nose and Morgan by a mile. Drake goes to tribal council and sends Shaun, the creator of so much tension and a lazy bum - he spent more time complaining about work than working (and wasn't charming like Gervase or Shawn from Marquesas), home.

Morgan arrives after a tribal meeting back at camp. Osten wanted to be voted out. He was mentally done, exhausted and ready to go home. And home he went - with a verbal spanking from Jeffie Pop (the host) about how everyone worked too darn hard for him to just quit. There was a tribe of outcasts more worthy of being in the game to begin with than him.

Even Mike S from Australia was voted out after leaving the game injured. Osten was told to go home and his torch laid on the ground in disgrace. Good riddence.

Next week: we find out who's coming back. My guess - Lill and Burton.