Friday, October 31, 2003

Wicca is not truth

''In Christianity, often there is a minister between you and God. Wiccans seek their own relationship with deity" says Willie Jones. I'm not sure what aspect of Christianity he is speaking with - maybe he has confused us with Judaism - but I have a relationship with God, my creator thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. I don't have to go through a saint, a priest, a preacher, a bible teacher, or anyone else to speak to the Heavenly Father. The veil in the temple that seperated man from God was torn when Jesus died. There is nothing seperating God from man except his own pride and sin. And the cross is the bridge.

In another interestring and misguided statement, Rev. Mary Katherine Morn says ''I think because we're all so different, we all have different ways of celebrating God" in explaining why her church had a Pagan pride day. There is not a divine-ness in the trees or even in you as another human. We were made by the divine but we are NOT little gods waiting to get somewhere. She is right in saying that we are different and there are many different ways to celebrate God, but Wicca is not one of them.

It is a lie from the pit; it smells like smoke. It is teaching you to rely on yourself and not on God. It is self-centered (though teaches do no harm). When you build a wall around yourself - through false religions, alcohol, games, sex, tv, etc... - you are a sitting duck for the lies of Satan. You start to believe that you are one with the creator or not worthy of love and affection, that you are no good, or that you are entitled to something because you complete all the religious rules and check lists.

Source: The Tennessean - 10/31/03