Sunday, December 14, 2003

Best news of the day

And the best story of the year because it sucks ALL of the wind our of the Democrats foreign policy sails. For weeks, we've heard the candidates talk about how "Bush's War in Iraq is a failure" because we didn't have Saddam.

Well, we have him. Praise God!

And now the Democrat pundits are saying "today we are all Americans." Oh shove it. If today had been like last Sunday, you'd be on the talk shows griping about the cost of the war and that no apparent victories had been made. Guess what? Today, the Iraqi people have no reason to fear his return to power. The money for the attacks on our troops will soon dry up and, hopefully, peace and stability can be in Iraq.

Praise God that Saddam will face justice. Praise God that he was not hurt or that the 4th ID and special forces involved in the raid made it out unharmed. Pray for their families - that they will be comforted while their loved ones are fighting and for the families of the thousands, if not millions of Iraqis that died as a direct result of Saddam's murderous regime.

I would hate to be his defense attorney. Maybe Johnny Cochran will take up the case. But, there isn't a glove... so they can't acquit.

FOXNews.comSaddam Captured 'Like a Rat' in Raid