Tuesday, December 02, 2003

From that guy with too much time on his hands

Michael Newdow, who's suing over the Pledge in California:

"Newdow's costs mount. For the past three years, he has all but ceased working to pursue his court cases. In addition to sacrificing that income, he has been ordered to pay $300,000 of Banning's [ex-girlfriend and mom to the daughter] attorney fees because Newdow is wealthier than Banning and Mize regards him as responsible for prolonging the litigation. The money would have to come from his savings.

Newdow has filed a separate lawsuit against this order, calling it a violation of his constitutional right not to be forced to finance speech he disagrees with. The case is pending in a California appeals court." (emphasis mine)

1) Where the heck is this in the Constitution? I missed it in my reading of the Great Document.

2) Can I sue the Federal Goverment over funding cow fart studies with my tax dollars? Or the speed at which ketchup moves at various inclines? Because I REALLY DISAGREE with how they are spending our tax dollars. How about I sue whenever a Democrat is President? Would that fit his logic?

An Allegiance to Dissent (washingtonpost.com)