Friday, December 12, 2003

Survivor: Pearl Islands update

Yes, I haven't posted an update since Rupert got the boot. That would be because I stopped watching. I did see the part where Jon lied about his grandma having died. At least he went out there knowing that he would come back as the most hated man in Survivor Land.

As my co-worker said "Richard Hatch looks like Mother Teresa next to Jonny Fairplay."

To summarize: Rupert, Tijuana, Christa, and Burton were booted in that order. Burton is the first person to be booted twice for the same dumb mistake - overconfidence. And after I read about what Burton said about women, he is so not hot anymore. In his defense, he did say it was taken out of context...

And that he wouldn't have any problem getting dates.

Anyway, I decided the week Rupert was booted that I had missed doing alot of different things on Thursday nights. I've had company over. I went to a Christmas Party at my pastor's house last night. One night, I actually started reading The Hobbit.

Has my love for Survivor faded? Heck no! I just decided that I can play all the games without actually watching the TV show. I dropped from 1st to 6th and am now up to 5th. I doubt that I will some how magically wind up in first place again but, hey.. I can deal with it.