Monday, December 15, 2003

Survivor: Pearl Islands update

Well, here it is - the last update. The finale was good. No lame jury questions like "Who should be sitting there instead of you?" and fishing for your name. But the venom wasn't there.. definately some anger though.

Jonny Fairplay got his butt fair-played out. He wanted to go down as the most hated Survivor Villian ever and I think he got it. He said that he still wanted to be liked by the ladies but after his sexist comments of "if it's a physical or mental competition, I've got it. Maybe if it's a gettin' pregnant contest they would win." I like to think of myself as pretty even minded, but I was looking for a butt-whoopin' stick after that comment.

Sandra won. And I'm glad. She was abrasive, not under the radar (I actually want to see the winners on the show, thank you very much - i.e. Vee from Survivor: Marquesas). I want to see them plot and scheme; I want to see them create drama. The show is "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast."

Now, after the Superbowl, All-Star Survivor will premiere. Rupert was looking good for just having wrapped filming 4 days before the live finale. He was very tan, had a broken tooth (caused from a challenge?) and didn't appear to be too bug-bite ridden but makeup could hid alot of that. My guess is that, again, he makes the jury. And does better than Richard Hatch.

I can't wait! I get to hate Jerri all over again! :)