Friday, January 14, 2005

Elena's Great Gift Ideas for the Gal in Your Life

~Disclaimer: The Countess does not promise these will succeed with your particular lady. Know her likes and dislikes, but don't be afraid to take risks in purchasing gifts either. If she doesn't appreciate your effort, she may not be a keeper. Unless she's already your wife. In that case, you gotta keep her, dearheart (unless she cheats on ya or tries to kill ya).~

Without further ado, in no particular order:

* Bear-a-Grams
Miss O'Hara blogged about the "scandalous" and "discriminatory" teddy bears offered by The Vermont Teddy Bear Company (which sponsored by Yahoo! and can be found at the Yahoo! online store). After perusing the selection of these top-quality fur-bearing creations, I decided that I WANT one! So...anyone who knows me and my home address is welcome to spend the big bucks and send me a Bear-a-Gram, for whatever reason you choose. {Tip o' the tiara to Miss O.}
* jewelry (Ooh, it sparkles!)
* chocolate (Think velvety candies, not the cheap stuff. And just a handful of expensive ones is a nice indulgence for her, especially if you combine them with her favorite bath products, some lovely candles, and a CD of relaxing music.)
* items made from soft fabric (cashmere, velvet, chinchilla, rabbit, soft chenille---blankets, scarves, shawls, gloves, sweaters---think luxe!)
* stuffed animals (Cute doesn't have to be expensive, but don't buy the cheaply-made, ugly ones.)
* flowers (Know the ones she likes. Not all girls are into red roses.)
* gadgets (if she's a gadget girl)
* handwritten poetry, messages/quotes, or song lyrics (Frameable calligraphy earns you bonus points.)
* something you made yourself (Don't worry about it being of professional artistic quality.)
* a picnic in a usually-non-picnicky area (If going to a park that doesn't allow food on the trails, don't try picnicking there.)
* a leather-bound journal (for the literary girl)
* a signed copy of book written by her favorite author
* a meal that you cook
* a "kidnapping," in which you blindfold her and take her somewhere she's been wanting to go
* go with her to a place you normally hate (and enjoy yourself!)
* Create a comic strip with y'all's friends as characters. (Be careful! Don't diss her friends too badly.)
* a basket of goodies (Variations on a theme---ingredients for a romantic evening [you put them to use]; supplies for a spa evening [you could be her masseuse!]; painting or drawing supplies for the artist. You get the idea.)

Gals, feel free to add your ideas in the comments.

Guys, there's a separate post for you to add the items on your "Show Me You Love Me" wish lists.