Tuesday, January 18, 2005

On Being a Girl

I will tell you - there is a reason that I didn't go into business and that I got out of politics.

Negotiations are not my strength. At all.

Then again, I've not had much experience in this area. I've never bought a house. The house my brother and I share, we inherited when our mom passed away. All we did was pay it off when the life insurance came through. The next house I'll live is likely another one I've inherited. I've only bought one car.. at Car Max. No negotiations there.

So this selling this business thing was extrordinarly uncomfortable for me. We finally reached a price that my attorney thought was a joke but it was either a little bit of money or none at all.... a little is better than nothing.

I'm competitive but not that competitive. I called up Elena, frustrated and tired.. saying something I *knew* I wouldn't say just a few years ago...

"Where is a man to do this for me? God I hate it!" But, I sucked it up.. finished it.. and I wish I could declare my life a 'negotiating free zone' in much the same way I did with yard sales but I know that's just foolish.