Monday, July 18, 2005

I take it back....

Dear Faith,

I said many horrible things about your love of all things fashionable and East and West coasty after Breathe took off like gang busters. You really hit the big time with that song. Country radio. Pop radio. VH1 and MTV played the video a million times.

Thing is - the rest of Nashville said horrible things too. You really lost your country cred. So much so, you had John Rich write you a song proving to us that you are still a country girl when Gretchen Wilson showed up all the pretty-pop-princess-but-stuck-in-country-music wannabes (I'm talking to you Shania!) by being her (packaged) Redneck self.

You did the movie - Pearl Harbor and then Stepford Wives. And some commercials. I forget what else. I pretty much quit paying attention after Breathe was played to death and then beaten like a dead horse. You know it made it when Cledus T Judd parodies it. And we will leave your metrosexual husband out of this discussion. The only man in country music that has more stylists than Tim McGraw is Keith Urban.. maybe Jeff Bates. But we can talk about that some other time.

Well, Faith. I take all the mean things I said about your over-stylized hair and couture clothing back.

Please... for the love of all things fashionable and within your purchasing power: take off the mumu and get back into Gucci (or other label of your choice).

With warmest regards,
Pink Kitty

P.S. Did anyone else notice that Nicole Kidman's last couple of movies have been remakes of TV shows or movies? Hollywood has truly run out of ideas.

Update: Seems as though people think I'm making this photo up. Here is the source. It is Faith Hill and I pulled it from Yahoo News Photos.