Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Revenge of the Torch Singer

Tonight, I went back to TPAC. Some of you might remember the last experience I had there... if not, here's the post to refresh your memory.

It was much much much more pleasant tonight. I had a fantabulous time. Michael Buble is great. Not my favorite of the revenge of the jazz/torch/lounge singers but still... it was like being sucked back into a 1960's Las Vegas lounge for a little while.

I loved every minute of it! His voice is outstanding... even the attempt to kick Josh Groban's you-know-whats-its by singing opera. And Maroon 5. And Michael Jackson. The highlight of the show had to be at the very end when he put the mic away and sang acappella in Jackson Hall. Just his voice filling the hall... *sighs and smiles*

Very happy birthday to me!

Aside: of my three favorites, two are Canadian. Seems that Canada is doing something to produce awesome jazz singers, eh?

Also, thank you everyone for the well-wishes! I very much appreciate them!