Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Caption Contest Winner

In the non-Monty Python category: it's Elena with Bush: Wow! Diet Dr. Pepper REALLY DOES taste like regular Dr. Pepper!

In the Monty Python inspired category, it's: Digital Cowboy with
Chirac: "None shall pass."
Bush: "I must enforce this UN Resolution."
Chirac: "Then.. you shall... die!"
(skip down)
Chirac: "The French Knight always triumphs!"
Bush: "You're a looney."
Chirac: "You yellow bastard! Come back here! I'll bite your knees off!"

Though Sharon Cobb's Bush: Wow. I thought the G8 Summit was about the velocity of the African swallow, not about African debt relief. So, can anyone tell me the veolcity of the African swallow? was very very close.

Hahahahaha! Congrats!